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As an independent investment advisor, we have no proprietary products. That means we can utilize any portfolio to help you achieve your goals. We use investments as tools to accomplish what is important to you.

Using data visualization software, we show you a holistic view of your current assets. From there, we develop a strong understanding of your lifetime financial needs and help you create a war chest of short to mid-term investments for protection and growth investments for your long-term needs. 

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We strive to find that perfect balance of your comfort level and reward.

When markets are up, you want to capture as much upside as possible and when markets are down, you want to capture as little of the downside as possible. Conservative allocations are designed to protect the downside and often capture little upside. Conversely, aggressive allocations are designed to capture a lot of upside but will often capture all the downside. A capture ratio measures how an allocation performs overall in up and down markets.


Our equity focused portfolios offer great upside capture ratios when markets are strong. Our focus on recession-resistant sectors, quality dividend, and quality dividend growth rates allow our allocations to enjoy less downside capture when markets are weak.

Wealth Preservation and Growth.

Two Crucial Components of a retirement investment strategy.

You only retire once. So, when cracking open your retirement savings, you usually have one chance to do it right. If you make a mistake, you likely won’t know until 10 or 15 years down the road. And then it’s too late. The most common mistake? Retirees treat their savings as one lump sum of money. There are costly pitfalls with investing, managing and thinking about your money in this manner.

A smarter way to invest is using the bucket strategy


For example:
Say you have a $4 million nest egg. You decide to withdraw a 4% income stream from your nest egg every year to live the lifestyle you desire.

Nest EGG PNG_edited.png

After a year, say a large unexpected expense comes up. Now you need to withdraw an additional $500,000 cash beyond your monthly income.


This brings your nest egg’s relative value down to $3,500,000, reducing your yearly payout. You just gave yourself a pay cut in retirement. That’s the last thing you want to do—especially since inflation increases the cost of living during your 20–30 years of retirement.

Bucket Strategy.png

A Raise in Retirement?

Here's how the bucket strategy can make that possible.

To address these challenges, we divide your nest egg into three buckets.

Income Bucket:
Money to draw income from during the early years of retirement. Since you rely on this money to live your life, it’s invested in conservative allocations.

Income Protection Bucket:
Money to draw income from during the mid-term retirement years. You will rely on this money as inflation affects your expenses, it’s invested in investments that provide protection and growth opportunities.


Growth Bucket:
Money set aside to grow through moderate allocations. Gains are protected by moving them to the Income bucket as they grow.

Our unique investment Approach. 

We have a saying “You can’t control the wind, but you can set a sail”. We can’t control market fluctuation, but we can control the income potential of your portfolio. Our investment strategy is built with the goal of increasing the income potential of your portfolio no matter how the markets are performing. Markets can fluctuate, just like your personal circumstances, so don’t lose sleep over change. We call it the "SWAN" affect, we want you to Sleep Well At Night.

The majority of the companies we invest with have above-average dividend growth. We invest in 70 or more unique individual equity positions with a focus on dividend growth.  Even when markets/investment allocations are down, the income power of their portfolio is up. Dividend reinvestment plans allow you to potentially expand your shareholdings, which could enhance your dividend income over time, subject to the ebb and flow of market performance.

See how we can help you invest smarter to reach your ideal financial life faster.
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